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Vintage Royal Dux porcelain figurine of boy and girl.

The figurine is in perfect condition and dates 1920’s to 1930’s.
Dimensions: 6.5” high, 4.5” wide and 3” deep.
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Vintage Royal Dux Porcelain Figurine of Boy and Girl.

Vintage Royal Dux Porcelain Figurine of Boy and Girl.

Vintage Royal Dux Porcelain Figurine of Boy and Girl.



Vintage Royal Dux Porcelain Figurine of Boy and Girl.Founded in 1853 it began making utilitarian ceramics. 1860 the factory was bought by Eduard Eichler to become E Eichler Thonwaren-Fabrik. In 1862 it bought a small factory in Šelty near Ceská Lípa. Until the 1890's it produced only majolica and faience, mostly from terra cotta in the style of Sevrés, Copenhagen, and Worcester. The products were awarding winning .
1898 Eichler made it a stock company, Duxer Porzellan Manufaktur, AG with an office in Berlin. The company bought a factory in Blankenhain, Germany, and liquidated the factory in Šelty. At this time it began producing porcelain tableware, dinnerware, and decorative pieces. The factory is renowned for its human and animal figurines.
1900 it began using a trademark of an applied pink porcelain triangle with an acorn, the letter "E" and the words Royal Dux Bohemia. During the Vienna Secession period, the early 1900's, its designer Alois Hampel helped the factory achieve great success.
1912 to 1945 the factory was known as Royal Dux.
1918 it sold the factory in Germany.
1947 it was nationalized and merged with Eichwald Porcelain and Stove Factory, and Count Thun Porcelain Factory to become Duchovský Porcelán. The factories continued to use marks similar to their own marks before nationalization. The letter "D" was substituted for the letter "E" in the factory's marks.
1958 Duchovský Porcelán was merged into Karlovarský Porcelán. See the Factory Mergers, Associations and Nationalizations table.
1992 it was privatized and became Porcelánová Manufaktura Royal Dux Bohemia, AS.
1997 Ceský Porcelán Dubí became the majority stockholder. Ceský Porcelán Dubí, is the former Eichwald Porcelain and Stove Factory with which it had previously been merged. Today it is known as Porcelánová Manufaktura Royal Dux Bohemia.



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